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Improve Service Management Through a Unified Platform

Preventing incidents and avoiding downtime is more achievable on a software-defined operations platform. How? Federos offers the industry’s best automation and machine learning capabilities for actionable insights to help our customers reduce time to repair and increase ROI.

Our customers function in a service management landscape that is constantly evolving:

  • Continuous changes in a dynamic IT infrastructure and operations environment, such as on-premises, private and public clouds, network function virtualization (NFV), SaaS, DevOps, IoT, and APIs.
  • Increasingly growing number of non-actionable events put pressure on NOC staff who are focused on addressing actionable events, but still need to sort through all the noise.
  • Complex networks make it difficult to get accurate views of inventory and topology, making it even harder to leverage topology-based root-cause-analysis techniques.
  • Demand to support C-suite digital transformation projects take center stage for enterprise organizations – anything from cloud migration to integrating omnichannel to introducing DevOps and new tool sets.

Learning to adapt to an ever-evolving service management environment while using legacy monitoring tools adds significant challenges to an agile and competitive businesses. Federos’s platform solution helps customers:

  • Cut out the complexity
  • Enable effective automation of actionable insights
  • Reduce hands-on involvement and cost to the business

The Federos Software-Defined Operations Platform accelerates customers’ ability to simplify, automate, and transform their operating environments in their quest to zero service downtime:

  • Unified solution, single-source of truth.
  • Real-time visibility and up-to-date view of the network inventory and topology.
  • Focus on actionable root causes, reducing time to resolution (MMTI/MTTR).

The Federos Software-Defined Operations Platform,
including Assure1™ and Fusion1™:

Brings together fault, performance, topology and service management into an integrated and scalable platform.

Includes machine learning analytics and process automation capabilities that properly leverage operational data to drive actionable insights that can be automated.

Accelerates customers’ ability to simplify, automate, and transform their operating environments in their quest to zero service downtime.


The Federos Software Defined-Operations Platform enables a Save and Grow strategy. This means reduced OPEX by integrating data and consolidating tools into one platform to reduce manual work that can be used to fund growth initiatives that increase revenue, improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

The Federos Software-Defined Operations Platform Delivers:

Federos solution - tool consolidation

Tool Consolidation

Consolidate Disparate Tools with a Unified Solution for Superior Service Assurance

Federos solution - NfV/SDN


Modernize Service Management to accelerate NfV / SDN initiatives

Federos solution - end-to-end service management

End-to-End Service Management

Business Aligned Service Assurance, Visibility and Control End-to-End

Discover how Federos’ Assure1, Fusion1 and the power of 1 can transform your operational and business support systems today.


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