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Federos: AIOperations Transforming Service Management

Addressing a significant gap in the network monitoring and management market, Federos delivers a carrier-grade, software-defined service operations platform to communications companies, managed service providers and enterprises. No other software vendor can deliver such an easily integrated solution to consolidate service management while lowering total cost of ownership.

AIOps Meets Software Defined Operations

Customers today face rapidly increasing IT costs and pressure to provide a competitive end-user experience, all while balancing aging infrastructure and innovative operating environments. They want and need a simple, effective solution that provides measurable ROI. By consolidating legacy tools, unifying data and automating repetitive service management tasks, organizations can remain agile, increase productivity, eliminate complexity and dramatically reduce operating expenses.


Our software-defined service management platform is designed to simplify and transform legacy solutions with machine learning to support the transition to an AIOperations-based infrastructure.

Transforming Service Management

Organizations that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning are gaining a competitive edge as technology advances at an exponential rate. Federos’ innovations stay at the forefront and predict customer needs through monthly updates, ensuring the solutions are both optimized for the present and geared for the future.Change is inevitable—it’s not a matter of if your business will fall behind using complex legacy tools, but when. Secure the future success and scalability of your organization to simplify, automate actionable insights and transform your service management.

Federos has been ranked as one of the 20 Most Promising SDN Solution Providers in 2018 by CIOReview magazine.

CIOReview’s list identifies leading SDN solution providers that are at the forefront of imparting cutting-edge solutions to meet the vital needs of the industry. It was developed by a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and CIOReview’s editorial board.

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